Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Look

Hi everyone, I won't lie, I have been agonising over my Big Chop! I am a little undecided over whether to just chop off all my hair or to transition and cut off the relaxed bits. I took out my weave last weak and I was holding my hair back to give myself an idea of what I might look like with all my hair chopped off... lets just say I wasn't to pleased with the results! I was loving my puffy hair but not so much the short, short hair so I am moving towards transitioning now. 
I haven't built up enough proper growth quite yet hence I am quite keen to see what will happen in December but in the interim I am sporting a new do. No one in my team recognised me with it which made me laugh and made me mad at the same time!  Apparently I change my hair so often they can't keep up with me!

I am still all about bright lipstick and I can't get enough of this shade of red lipstick.