Monday, 19 August 2013

Go Bold or go home...

This weekend one of my missions was to score some discounts on makeup, payday is far away so I had to make this work! I managed to do just that and bought two very bright lipsticks, green eyeliner, shimmery blush and mascara. Seeing as I am going to be chopping off all of my hair I have been checking out how to rock my natural hair. It seems pretty clear that your face becomes the centre of attention so why not add some sparkle to it with some bold lipstick or dramatic eye make-up. I even got to experimenting with a few looks.

Bold in pink!
Take note of how kinky the top of my head is, some good growth is happening Yay! 
Without getting into the dark skin versus light skin argument, as a dark-skinned girl, I was always told that I could not get away with wearing bright lipsticks or dramatic makeup because it did not suit my skin. For the longest time I believed that to be true and I would stick to neutral colours and would only venture into colour lip glosses steering clear of lipsticks altogether. I thought that wearing pink lipstick gave me a throwback Sophiatown look but not in a good way!
I am coming into my own more and more the older I get and shaking off the opinions of others, granted not everyone will agree with my new look, but I think the only thing that should matter is how I feel about myself.
Speaking of opinions, I spent the day hanging out with my mom telling her about my plans to chop off all my hair and she looked at me like I am crazy, asking me all kinds of questions like why do I want to cut my hair, how short do I want to cut it, do I want to go bald and even worrying about how she will be able to look at me with a TWA! I laughed it off because I know my mom, she is from the old school and still rocks a "Diana Ross and the Supremes" style weave so I wasn't offended or put off by her opinions. If anything I am even more keen to go through with my BC!

How cute is she? Plus this pink lip and neon green combination is fire!
Life is for living, I don't believe I was put on this earth to live a plain, safe, boring existence. It may just be lipstick and some shimmery eyeliner but I really feel confident and excited about who I am and the woman I am growing into. Life is too short to not wear bright pink lips!


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