Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A weighty problem continued...

So remember how I was getting ready for a wedding and I had planned to lose weight so that I could fit into this little number?

Did not happen!!! The dress zips up a little bit further than before but still nowhere close to hiding my lady bits. I am not going to stop trying though, I am still hopeful.
I ended up buying a new dress but at a very low key boutique in Johannesburg CBD for a pittance!Can you believe I got this dress for R200 which is roughly USD 20!

Baby got back!

Insta Queen
Here is my friend Thandi in the same dress but in white. She is always putting me on these amazing stores that sell awesome clothes at ridiculous prices!
I don't have a lot of pictures from the wedding because my camera wouldn't work and on top of that both my cellphone batteries were flat! Here are some pics I managed to muster together from the wedding.

I almost forgot, the week of the actual wedding, I was checking out the invite and in teeny weeny print, the couple asked very kindly for guests not to wear white as a courtesy! Thank goodness I was too fat for my other dress because firstly I would be mortified and secondly I would have been that person who defied the wishes of the bridal couple!

Congratulations once again to Franklin and Amanda, may you have a lifetime of happy memories ahead!

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